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Date: 2018-03-31 12:53:12

Car insurance costs put returning emigrants off the road

Car insurance costs put returning emigrants off the road

Pricewatch: Insurance companies are making drivers pay for their time abroad

Mon, Feb 19, 2018, 00:00

Frustrated: returning emigrants are being treated like 17-year-old boy racers.




The motor insurance industry has let Irish consumers down at almost every turn in recent years. First it engaged in a reckless price war that left...

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Date: 2018-03-31 12:59:13

Tesla cars could come with insurance ... - Business Insider

Johannes Eisele/AFP/Getty Images

Tesla wants to bundle insurance and maintenance into the price of future vehicles.

Tesla has�actually been quietly experimenting with this model in�Asia by selling cars with insurance and maintenance included, Jon McNeill, Tesla's president of sales and services, said during the company's fourth-quarter earnings call.�

"It takes into account not only the Autopilot safety features but also the maintenance cost of the car," McNeill said. "It's our vision in the future we could offer a single price for the car, maintenance, and...

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How to Rent a Car in Ireland

Renting a car in Ireland is the most frustrating part of planning your trip. There are many different rules, rates, types of cars and insurance options. The info below is for citizens of the USA. Other countries have different rules.

Be a smart consumer. Do your homework before renting a car. The following tips for saving money on Ireland car rentals  will get you started. If you have other...

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Date: 2013-01-24 22:01:54

Car insurance when driving abroad - Money Advice Service

> Car insurance

Car insurance when driving abroad

Whether you're taking your own car abroad or hiring a car when you get there, you have to have insurance. Be careful - it's easy to spend too much on unnecessary car hire cover and the excess can be very high.

If you're taking your own car abroad

Inside the EU, your normal insurance will automatically give you the minimum legal requirement in each...

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Best comprehensive car insurance? - Insurance - Automotive


posted 2017-Feb-21, 9:07 pm AEST

I was a happy AAMI customer until recently. When I called to start a policy, I told their staff I wanted to increase the premium to around $1000, but she gave me $1050 premium excess on top of $650 standard excess. My fault is I didn't read the document properly.

I started a new policy for my other car last month via online and I got it right as it showed $650 + $200 premium excess. Top tip, don't do it over the phone. Do it yourself online.

Anyway, due to recent hailstorm damage, I have to pay...

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