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Insurance cover that serves two major purposes: (1) to substitute for the insured's income if he or she dies, and (2) to qualify the insured for favorable tax treatment. The policy holders buy insurance cover from an insurance company , and pay specific periodic amounts (premiums) for the term (duration or life) of the policy. If the insured dies before the this term is completed , a guaranteed...

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Compare Immediate Fixed Income Annuities - Fidelity

Compare Immediate Fixed Income Annuities

Fidelity provides access to a range of immediate fixed income annuities1 through The Fidelity Insurance Network®.

Find an Investor Center

Available through The Fidelity Insurance Network®

Since an annuity's guarantees2 are only as strong as the insurance company providing them, you should consider the strength3 of the company you select and its ability...

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E&O Insurance for Life & Health Agents | Errors ...

E&O Insurance for Life & Health Agents

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Life, Accident, Health Insurance, LTC Products

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Life, Accident, Health Insurance, LTC Products


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Rules For Tax Deductibility Of Long-Term Care Insurance


Executive Summary

With the 1996 introduction of "tax-qualified" long-term care insurance under the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act and IRC Section 7702B, Congress affirmed that long-term care insurance benefits are tax-free, and began to offer tax benefits for purchased LTC insurance coverage.

However, over the years the evolving landscape of both individual tax...

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Single Premium Deferred Annuity

A single premium deferred annuity is a contract between an individual and an insurance company in which the individual provides funds that are invested and later used as the basis for lifelong distributions to the annuity holder. Along with the single premium immediate annuity, the single premium deferred annuity is among the oldest of annuities. Its salient features are deferral of distributions...

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