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Leaving a Legacy Is Easier Than You Think

Do you have money tucked away in a coffee can or safety deposit box? Do you resist investing it because you don't want to pay taxes on it? Or perhaps you do have it invested, but safely, in a CD or something that you know will provide a solid - but minimal - return?

If this is...

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Best Pension Annuity Rates UK | Pension Annuities Calculator

We compare the entire market.

80% of Retirees Get Better Pension Annuity Rates When They Shop Around.

Annuities - Best Annuity Rates

Picking the best annuity rates could give your pension income in retirement a significant lift. There are significant differencies in the worst and best annuities. An annuity calculator can get you the best annuity quotes from the range of annuities on the open...

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Date: 2017-11-26 13:21:05

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Different Types of Life Insurance Policies and Provisions ...

Life Insurance Policies and Provisions

Different Types of Life Insurance Policies and Provisions

Life Insurance Policies

Life insurance policies contain seemingly countless provisions, clauses and options that determine the type and scope of coverage as well as what will happen if premium payments lag or a claim is made. It is important to understand the provisions of the policy you have or any...

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Annuity 1035 Exchange —

Annuity 1035 Exchange

Written by Hersh Stern Updated Wednesday, March 28, 2018

The replacement of an annuity or life insurance policy; i.e. the exchange of an existing policy for a new one purchased from an insurance company without tax consequences, is called a Section 1035 Exchange. To retain the tax advantages of such an exchange, it must meet the requirements of Section 1035 of the Internal...

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Lifestage: Seniors & Boomers - Insure U

Auto Insurance Considerations for Boomers & Seniors


There are benefits to growing older! At this life stage, you may be able to take advantage of several age-related discounts.

For example, as a mature driver (typically age 55 - 70), you may be eligible for discounts. After age 70, the incidence of serious accidents escalates significantly, so the discounts might cease.


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Date: 2018-03-14 14:29:29