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The General Automobile Insurance Services, Inc. (The General®) is a licensed insurance agency that is a subsidiary of PGC Holdings Corp. (PGC) which is an affiliate of American Family Insurance . Through its insurance company subsidiaries and their predecessors, PGC has been writing automobile insurance in many states throughout the country for over 50 years.

Financially Stable

The General® (an agency) offers auto insurance online underwritten by the following insurance companies: Permanent General Assurance Corporation (NAIC #37648), Permanent General Assurance...

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Motorhome Insurance - Shield Total Insurance

TyrePal tyre pressure monitoring systems discount

Read our policy documentation

All insurance companies have to supply sufficient information to allow you to make an informed choice about their offering, via a 'Key Facts Summary'.  At Shield Total Insurance, our documentation page provides all the policy and key facts information you need for the Motorhome Insurance that we offer.

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What is group term life insurance -

Group term life insurance is a form of life insurance protection provided by an employer for its employees.

A group term life policy is usually issued for a period of one year, and renewable each year. The premiums are experienced rated, based on the company's deaths, and range of employees' ages.

If your employment is terminated, you may be able to convert your group term life insurance coverage...

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Professional Liability Admitted Carriers in Texas

* Texas Medical Liability Trust (TMLT) files policy forms and rates for information only with the Texas Department of Insurance. It also files audited annual financial statements. It is exempt from contributing to the Guaranty Fund and is not covered by it.


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The companies shown are licensed by the Texas Department of Insurance or are...

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Term Life - Choose Wisely - American International Group

AIG Worldwide

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Policies issued by: American General Life Insurance Company (AGL), Policy Form Numbers ICC16-16901, 16901, ICC16-16900 and 16900 except in New York, where issued by The United States Life Insurance Company in the City of New York (US Life), Policy Form Numbers 16901N and 16900N. Issuing companies AGL and US Life...

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Life Insurance - Insurance from AIG in the US

*Example assumes a 40 year old male buying a 10 year term life insurance policy. Example assumes a 40 year old female buying a 10 year term life

insurance policy.

**Example assumes a 51 year old female, in the state of...

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Term Life Insurance - Insurance from AIG in the US

Term Life Insurance

Make sure your loved ones have enough to keep going, even if you can't be there.

Our term life insurance products provide families and employers with economical coverage and a wide range of policy duration choices, including 10-year and 15 to 30, and 35 year terms. This level of flexibility allows you to match your policy term to upcoming milestones and future goals, saving you money in the long run.

Make a plan for your family.

Term Life Insurance Products


Get a policy that has the amount of benefit you need, for the...

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Car Insurance Rates Are Going Up - Consumer Reports

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Car Insurance Rates Are Going Up

Good economic news may be bad news for car owners

By Carla Fried

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We respect your privacy . All email addresses you...

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Nautilus Marine Insurance - Online Boat Insurance Quotes

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Any advice given on this website is general only and may not be right for you.

To decide if an insurance product is right for you please carefully read the relevant Product Disclosure Statement. The relevant PDS is available here .

About the Insurers:

The underwriter of this insurance is AIG Australia Limited ("AIG...

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Insurance Quotes for Auto Insurance - Compare Rates Online


How to Save Money on Car Insurance

Controlling the cost of auto insurance is a proactive process, which means you can't count on your insurer to do it for you; you have to do it yourself. The best advice is to shop your auto insurance around on a regular basis. Jim Whittle, the Chief Claims Council of the American Insurance Association , recommends that drivers review their policies once a...

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Best Health Insurance Companies - Private Medical Plans

If your employer does not offer an affordable health insurance option and you do not qualify for subsidized insurance or Medicare, you can shop the open market for medical insurance. The health insurance companies we reviewed will allow you to request a quote online rather easily. Premium rates vary significantly by multiple factors. You'll learn that the monthly rates increase quite a bit as you...

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Long Term Care Insurance Rates Cost Comparison from ...

Long-Term Care Insurance Rates

And How To Find The Best Costs

The webpage explains how to get the best long term care insurance costs. Our goal is providing the most current and objective information to help you make smarter decisions.

The American Association for Long-Term Care Insurance does not sell insurance. If you would like information or actual cost quotes from a leading expert...

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