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Make a life insurance claim | Manage my life insurance ...

Make a life insurance claim

Make a life insurance claim

Your first step is to let us know - we'll then let you know what you need....  [more...]

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Life Assurance|Whole Life Assurance Cover & Quotes

We are featured on� in their August 2016 Life Insurance report.

Life Assurance Online

Most of our products are available with an instant online quote for you to complete your own research. Ideally, we think you should talk to one of our specialist, experienced advisers before you make a decision to ensure that you get the right product for your circumstances. Life assurance is something that you should have to protect your family and your mortgage. Life Assure Online is a recommended life...  [more...]

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Term life insurance: How to get the cheapest quote | This ...

Choosing the right way to buy life insurance can save you thousands of pounds. We explain how at the bottom of this guide, but first a few other issues...

What to buy

A range of insurance policies will pay some kind of benefit if your health suffers or you are unable to work. You can read about the different types here .

Life insurance is the cover that pays a specified sum if you die. Unlike...  [more...]

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